Buy A+ Fake Panerai Lab ID Lunimor 1950 Carbotech

Black is the result of the absence, or complete absorption, of light. We looked this little factoid up after having a play with the Fake Panerai Lab ID Luminor 1950 Carbotech 3 days.It sounds silly to say but this watch is a really dark black, like really really dark. It sucks in the light around it. It seemed to thirstily drink up the flash from James’s camera.The case, which is carbon, looks, and almost feels like it has been honed out of coal. There is something different about this watch.

When we sat through the press talk at SIHH for this particular piece. The PR person was at pains to stress how when creating the PAM 00700  Panerai were inspired by their own history, that large elements of the watch are an homage to their antecedents. This basically means that in several aspects the watch is just like any other Luminor. They’re making a virtue of the fact that they haven’t  totally re-invented the brand for this piece. It struck us as an odd thing to stress, when so much of this watch is genuinely innovative.

Panerai Lab ID Luminor 1950 Carbotech Replica

Panerai Lab ID Luminor 1950 Carbotech Replica

The movement is entirely dry, there are no lubricants housed anywhere inside this carbon case. Not one drop of lube*. The ramifications of this are that it should require far less care from a horologist, and therefore spend far more time on your wrist. The breakthrough in watchmaking is a result of the material that the new hand-wound P.3001/C calibre is made from. It’s silicone coated in something called Diamond Like Carbon, that Panerai declare to be the future of watchmaking. It remains to be seen if this bold claim comes true, Italian brands are massive fans of the big bold declaration, however, they’re so convinced by the technology they are prepared to guarantee each of the 50 PAM00700 that exist, for the next 50 years.

The dial uses Panerai’s sandwich construction with incorporated nanotubes to achieve the aforementioned level of darkness, which creates the contrast for the Super-LumiNova hour markers to literally shine through.

Even in reasonable light the numerals glow like a handheld Aurora Borealis. The brilliant blue catches your attention, but oddly it’s the blank darkness of the dial that sucks you in, like an abyss. When you stare into the Carbotech, the Carbotech stares back!

Panerai Lab ID Luminor fake watches

Panerai Lab ID Luminor fake watches

At 49mm this is a big watch. A big black luminor panerai replica watch. A BBW. (Do not google that acronym if you’re at work). As such, it might not be for the more delicate wristed person unless they’re looking for a bold statement piece.

The incredibly dark, incredibly bright, Fake Panerai Lab ID 1950 Lunimor Carbo-Tech has a 3 day power reserve, and hefty dose of our admiration. If you are one of the 50 people that manages to get your hands on this, you’ll do so at a price of €50,000. However if you can spend that kind of money and stay in the black, then we say go for it.

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