Have You Seen This Panerai Replica?

Panerai Luminor Sealand Jules Verne Looks Stunning

Panerai Luminor Sealand Jules Verne Is Limited To 100 Pieces

In this post, I will talk about an elusive Panerai replica that’s been on my radar for quite a long time. The thing is, it’s extremely hard to find an online shop selling one, not to mention a good quality model. I’m talking about is the Panerai Luminor Sealand Jules Verne.

Jules Verne wrote adventure novels that I dearly loved as a child (I’m sure you are no stranger to books like Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea or Journey to the Center of the Earth) so imagine my enthusiasm when back in 2005, Panerai introduced a Jules Verne-inspired watch to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his death. Only 100 watches were made.

The Luminor Sealand remains true to Panerai’s elevated standards taking advantage of a brushed stainless steel bezel and case. But the piece of resistance is the Jules Verne cap featuring a stunning engraving over a beautifully crafted face. An original piece cost $14,000 so you can imagine I was hopeful about getting my hands on a replica Panerai Luminor Sealand Jules Verne.

Panerai Luminor Sealand Jules Verne Is A Special Model

The Panerai Luminor Sealand Jules Verne Is Very Special

Panerai Luminor Sealand Jules Verne Makes The Past Come Alive

Panerai Luminor Sealand Jules Verne Is A Piece of Art

Panerai Luminor Sealand Jules Verne Is A Rare Watch

You Won’t Find A Panerai Luminor Sealand Jules Verne Everywhere

Quite An Elusive Panerai replica

The watch was released 2005, which means about 11 years ago, so naturally you’d assume that would give replica manufacturers plenty of time to start reproducing this beautiful watch. But sadly, this hasn’t happened on a large scale.

I’ve been looking for this replica Panerai Luminor and found it for sale in a handful of shops I never heard of in my life. For example, check out One-Prices.net. The website seems totally unreliable to me for a number of reasons. But the most important one is the lack of pictures.

Only one image of the Panerai replica I’m interested in buying is available. Yes, it’s watermarked with One-Prices.net but I was yet to be convinced. Imagine my surprise when I found the same image on 365samples.net.

Panerai Replica Doesn't Seem To Be Of High Quality

A Panerai Replica I don’t Recommend Purchasing

The two watches are sold at different prices, yet the image of the product is the same. 365samples.net even watermarked it with their own domain. I’m certainly not going to try my luck with any of these web shops.

A Panerai Replica That's Hard To Replicate

Panerai Replica One Prices Seems To Be Of Quite Poor Quality

Don’t Rush to Purchase It, Yet

I’ve never been a huge Panerai fan, I’m not afraid to say it, but this Luminor Sealand Jules Verne has captured my heart right off the bat. It’s been 11 years since its launch, but the watch is hardly ever seen in replica shops. This might have to do with the fact that replicating the cap is not easy and will definitely require some dedicated craftsmen work.

There are trustworthy replica makers out there like Perfect Watches who offer intricate models like the Panerai Radiomir Firenze 3 Days, so I still hold on to hope they will also offer the Jules Verne model. I’m not even going to go into a discussion about cheap Panerai replica watches on sale – I am prepared to pay more than the average on this particular model.

I’ve already placed a request with them, so hopefully they will hear me. I’ve waited 11 years I can wait a bit longer to get a decent quality replica Panerai Jules Verne. I can guarantee you will not like a low-end Jules Verne watch, not when it comes to this model.

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