Panerai Radiomir Rattrapante Chronograph Black Dial Replica Review

Hello, everybody. Welcome to another one of my best replica reviews. Today, I will be doing a Panerai Radiomir Rattrapante Chronograph black dial replica review and if you are a regular reader of my blog, you’ll notice that this is not my first Panerai review and it will be hard to choose which one is my best Panerai replica review because all of these watches have impressed me in different ways.

This Panerai Radiomir Rattrapante Chronograph black dial replica review is unique in the sense that it is the first Panerai I’m reviewing that does not have the characteristic Panerai crown guard. But it makes up for this with other unique features like the third push button found on the lower left of the watch. To learn about this and more, let’s continue with the Panerai Radiomir Rattrapante Chronograph black dial replica review.

Let’s get into the business end of this Panerai Radiomir Rattrapante Chronograph black dial replica review. This watch is quite busy with a few extra additions than you would find on most watches. However, it manages to have a vintage appearance which only adds to its charm. The dial is black and has two sub-dials that are present in slightly depressed circles for small seconds and split seconds respectively. The hour marks are all slits except for the 6 and 12-hour positions which are stylish Arabic numerals. These hour slits are further subdivided into ten. The hour and minute hands are identical except that the minute hand is slightly longer.

Apart from these hands, there are two separate stainless steel seconds and split second hands. This is the Rattrapante feature (the double chronograph) and this means the watch has two stopwatch mechanisms. The two seconds hands have one continuously working while the other can be stopped and reset to the zero position. This essentially gives you the best of both worlds. There aren’t many watches that offer you that.

The crown of this Panerai Rattrapante replica actually looks like a crown. And it has no crown guard which is something Panerai fans might miss. This is probably so you can appreciate the crown in its full glory. What this Panerai replica Radiomir misses, it more than makes up for it in other departments. The most obvious example is the third push button at the left of the watch. This is separate from the two other push buttons that flank either side of the crown.

In the signature Panerai fashion, all the features on the watch’s dial are luminous and glow in the dark. On the inside of the bezel is a tachymetric scale to complete what is really an impressive ensemble.

The Panerai Rattrapante replica has a kinetic movement but it doesn’t stop there; it also has automatic winding. This is just one more thing that is extra about the Panerai replica Radiomir. It is no doubt one quality Panerai replica.

It’s time to round up this Panerai Radiomir Rattrapante Chronograph black dial replica review. So, let’s talk about its suitability as an accessory for an outing. It is really a very interesting watch and looks very good especially for formal occasions. And that is because of its vintage appeal despite being made in 2005/2006. It also would make an excellent watch to hand down generations.

The crocodile leather strap adds another layer to the authentic 1950s feel of the watch. The strap is about 8 inches long and an inch wide which ends in a Tang clasp. This brings us to the end of my Panerai Radiomir Rattrapante Chronograph black dial replica review. Do check in next time for the best replica reviews.

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