Travel With Replica Watches


I totally understand that when you are travelling, you want to dress to impress. You never know when you’re going to meet a sexy beach babe, right? However there is one thing that everyone suggests when it comes to vacation. They all say to leave the replica watches and anything expensive at home.


You may be reading this post saying, “Duh”… but if you’re anything like me, I bring all my favourite watches  from my replica Rolex watches to my Tag Heur replica watches when I travel to foreign places. Apparently this is a big no no and sets you up
replica watches, replica rolex watches, rolex replica watches, tag heuer replica watch, replica tag heuer watch, replica ferarri watch, travel advice, for thieves. Thankfully, I have never been a victim of this yet, but I have started to leave my beloved replica watches at home. Sure, maybe our watches are replica watches, but thieves don’t know this. They just see that beaming Ferrari watch on your wrist, completely don’t think of the possibility that it is a replica watch, and immediately assume you are from money. People from money have expensive things. You’re immediately a target.

It sounds ridiculous and you may be thinking, “that would never happen to me!” but it does and definitely don’t think that just because you are wearing a replica watch, that they won’t target you. If you have learned anything from this blog, it’s that a good replica watch looks exactly like the authentic version to everyone else. Only you should know that it is a Panerai replica watch that you’re rocking and that you paid MUCH less for it than that sucker that’s wearing the authentic version.

They say it is completely fine to wear expensive items when you’re home, but specifically when you are in a different country and an obvious tourist, leave the watches at home. Yes, even replica watches. Might as well be safe than sorry. I don’t know about you but being robbed and having my blinging Replica Rolex Watch stolen could very well ruin my whole entire vacation.

Conclusion, avoid at all costs…. or you’ll be dishing out the cash to replica all of your replica watches.

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