A Panerai Replica That’s Not Easy to Find Online

The Panerai Replica of the Submersible Carbontech 3 Might Be Awesome

Reviewing my watch collection lately, I’ve noticed I haven’t purchased a new Panerai replica in quite a while and actually I really felt like I missed having the brand’s product present in my life. So I set out to look for a bunch of new, exciting models that could catch my attention.

The Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 Carbontech 3 Days Automatic (aka PAM616) had coughed my eye a year before when it was first launched at SIHH 2015, one of the biggest haute-horology event of the industry.

Panerai Submersible Carbontech 3 Real-Life View

Panerai Submersible Carbontech 3 Up-Close

What Would Make the Panerai Submersible 1950 Carbontech 3 Days Automatic Great

The PAM616’s Luminor-style case is made of Carbontech, a carbon fiber composite that has never been used in watchmaking before (at least, according to the company). To me, the material seems like a great fit for large, military-inspired watches and I believe it to be a valuable addition to Panerai’s arsenal of timepieces.

The Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 Carbontech 3 Days Automatic takes the popular yet niche-loved Luminor Submersible 1950 and dresses it in an innovative material. The PAM616 features an eye-catching design in matte black color which is the natural shade of Carbontech. The surface all has irregular tonal wave patterns, a result of the layers of carbon showing through. It’s a beautiful watch and I would actually be delighted to find great imitation Panerai watches online that do justice to this piece 100%.

Since this watch is fairy new, finding a good-looking Panerai replica isn’t so easy and after doing some research online, I think interested parties shouldn’t jump into acquiring this model just yet.

Where You Can Get the Panerai Submersible Carbontech 3 Replica From

I’ve found this fake Panerai for sale with Replicafer.com – a website that at first glance seems quite reliable. You know I’ve been complaining for ages that replica sites are horribly executed, but this one is the exception to the rule, featuring a clean, beautiful design that makes it easy to browse and shop.

The images of the Panerai replica they have posted online look legit and decent, but for some reason the watch looks less smooth and quite grainy for me. I have no major complaints to address, except the fact that overall they could have focused on the details a little bit more.

Granted, the Panerai fake looks pretty decent in the images uploaded online, but for me that’s not enough guarantee to go ahead and purchase from these folks again.

The Bottom Line

I’m still waiting on one of my favorite replica websites, Biao.org.uk to bring this Panerai replica in, but if they don’t I will probably put off buying this model until a more reliable website starts selling it. I suggest you don’t rush into this either.

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