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The Replica Panerai Limited Edition Luminor Submersible Acciaio PAM00731, An E-Boutique Limited Edition

The Replica Panerai Limited Edition Luminor Submersible Acciaio PAM00731, An E-Boutique Limited Edition

Over the last couple of decades, Panerai Replica has grown so far beyond the very first offerings that it had when it was first acquired by the Richemont Group, as to defy description; the company has made everything from some of the most underappreciated tourbillons in the business, to perpetual calendars, astronomical clocks, and pretty much everything else you can think of. Panerai watches have become not only the functional instrument and dive watches that originally made the brand’s reputation among enthusiasts, but exercises in pure design as well and there are now so many different variations on the original theme that it’s possible to find anything you might want in the catalogue – from serious functional dive cheap replica watches to high complications and everything in between.And yet, fundamentally, there are and have been, and probably only ever will be, two Panerai watches: Radiomir, with its wire lugs and echo of the very early days of professional and military dive watches (lest we forget, replica watches like the Submariner and Blancpain 50 Fathoms are follow-ons to the saboteur’s and combat diver’s watches of World War II) and of course, Luminor, with its distinctive and irresistible lever crown locking system. Both have such strong identities that over the years the variations on these themes have proven inexhaustible, but the basic designs and attributes of the original models still have a powerful appeal.

The Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible Acciaio PAM00731 is an e-boutique only limited edition of 100 pieces.

Panerai has just announced that it has created a limited edition – the Luminor Submersible Automatic Acciaio PAM00731 – which will be offered, in an interesting twist, not at authorized dealers or Panerai boutiques, but exclusively through Panerai’s online e-boutique. Much of Panerai’s core collection is available to purchase online as well, but this is the first time they’ve offered an e-boutique-only limited edition.

One of its most distinctive features is the deep blue dial.

PAM00731 is a classic, tool-watch Luminor. It’s housed in a 44mm stainless steel case and is water resistant to 300 meters. There’s a unidirectional bezel for timing total dive time and/or decompression stops, and the movement is the Panerai OP XXX caliber – a pocket watch sized movement at 13 1/4 lignes, running in 25 jewels at 28,800 vph. Power reserve is 50 hours and it’s also a COSC certified chronometer.

Water resistance is 300 meters, and the Panerai Replica Luminor Submersible Acciaio PAM00731 features the signature Luminor crown-lock lever.

The two most distinctive features of the PAM00731 are the distinctive locking lever for the crown – which, if you’ve never had a chance to play with one, is one of the most fun ways to secure a crown that’s ever come down the pike – and the dial. The latter is a very deep blue which depending on how the light hits it can seem anything from a sky-at-dawn azure, to almost black.

panerai replica

Price at launch is $200, and production’s limited to 100 pieces. You can find it (as well as all of Panerai’s replica other online offerings) at the US Panerai e-boutique, at

Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramica Replica Review

Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramica Replica Review

Hi, everyone. You’re welcome once again to my regular blog, the home of the best replica reviews. Today is going to be a Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramica replica review. I am always looking at Panerai replica watches and I am really taken by the Italian watchmakers’ designs. Panerai replica watches are generally unusual and stick to a few design templates. But this Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramica replica takes a few exceptions and sports a few new things that I like pretty much. What these things are you will soon find out. Just keep on reading the rest of my Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramica replica review.

Cheap Replica Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramica – Front View

To start the Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramica replica review, let’s get the obvious out of the way. This Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days replica does not have the iconic crown guard that many Panerai watches have. I will be honest to say, I miss it but not that badly.

There is something minimalist about the watch which appeals to me greatly. Both the design and the choice of colors and materials used speak to a more subtle approach with the Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramica replica. The watch has black and brown tones. Although some iterations have different colors for the bracelet and the dial. But, in most cases, it is still a dual toned watch.

The Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramica replica has hour marks are either short dashes or dots through which the trademark Panerai glow shines through. The 3, 6, 9 and 12-hour marks have cut out dashes with the 12-hour mark having double dashes. All other hour marks are cut out dots. The hour and minute hands are designed with short and long dashes similar to the hour marks. There is conspicuously absent a seconds hand which is an excellent design choice but probably suicidal in practical terms. Seconds hands do have their uses and nothing on the watch replaces it.

The bezel of the Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days replica is devoid of any markings or design and is in itself a design choice as it fully displays the anti-reflective dark ceramic of the watch as it merges with the rest of the watch’s 17mm thick case. The crown is a thing of beauty, jutting nicely by the side of the watch with the top of it engraved with the Panerai logo.

Panerai Replica Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramica – Backside

Now to the part of the Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramica replica review that takes a look at what runs the clockwork. Like most of the Panerai replica watches I know and have reviewed, this fake Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramica works on a Japanese Miyota kinetic automatic movement. You can see this exquisite movement in action through the transparent back. Actually this is actually more beautiful than the dial of the watch. The back case is an ion plated snap-in back crafted in a polygonal shape with Officine Panerai engravings.

The fake Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramica is certainly one of the best casual watches for men. It looks sturdy and strong without compromising on.

Panerai Replica Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramica – Overview

One aspect of the watch that really took me in. I referred to it at the beginning of this Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramica replica review. That is the thick heat embossed crocodile skin bracelet with the furry feel and white stitching reminiscent of Breitling designs. You can just imagine how lush it feels against the skin. The bracelet is 195mm long and 26mm wide and fastens by an ion plated classic hook and buckle clasp. It will definitely be a joy to wear. So, on that note, I will end the Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramica replica review. I would recommend this watch personally despite the missing seconds hand and date window. And just for the fact that it looks really good on the wrist. Till next time when I bring you another replica review.

Panerai Radiomir Rattrapante Chronograph Black Dial Replica Review

Panerai Radiomir Rattrapante Chronograph Black Dial Replica Review

Hello, everybody. Welcome to another one of my best replica reviews. Today, I will be doing a Panerai Radiomir Rattrapante Chronograph black dial replica review and if you are a regular reader of my blog, you’ll notice that this is not my first Panerai review and it will be hard to choose which one is my best Panerai replica review because all of these watches have impressed me in different ways.

This Panerai Radiomir Rattrapante Chronograph black dial replica review is unique in the sense that it is the first Panerai I’m reviewing that does not have the characteristic Panerai crown guard. But it makes up for this with other unique features like the third push button found on the lower left of the watch. To learn about this and more, let’s continue with the Panerai Radiomir Rattrapante Chronograph black dial replica review.

Let’s get into the business end of this Panerai Radiomir Rattrapante Chronograph black dial replica review. This watch is quite busy with a few extra additions than you would find on most watches. However, it manages to have a vintage appearance which only adds to its charm. The dial is black and has two sub-dials that are present in slightly depressed circles for small seconds and split seconds respectively. The hour marks are all slits except for the 6 and 12-hour positions which are stylish Arabic numerals. These hour slits are further subdivided into ten. The hour and minute hands are identical except that the minute hand is slightly longer.

Apart from these hands, there are two separate stainless steel seconds and split second hands. This is the Rattrapante feature (the double chronograph) and this means the watch has two stopwatch mechanisms. The two seconds hands have one continuously working while the other can be stopped and reset to the zero position. This essentially gives you the best of both worlds. There aren’t many watches that offer you that.

The crown of this Panerai Rattrapante replica actually looks like a crown. And it has no crown guard which is something Panerai fans might miss. This is probably so you can appreciate the crown in its full glory. What this Panerai replica Radiomir misses, it more than makes up for it in other departments. The most obvious example is the third push button at the left of the watch. This is separate from the two other push buttons that flank either side of the crown.

In the signature Panerai fashion, all the features on the watch’s dial are luminous and glow in the dark. On the inside of the bezel is a tachymetric scale to complete what is really an impressive ensemble.

The Panerai Rattrapante replica has a kinetic movement but it doesn’t stop there; it also has automatic winding. This is just one more thing that is extra about the Panerai replica Radiomir. It is no doubt one quality Panerai replica.

It’s time to round up this Panerai Radiomir Rattrapante Chronograph black dial replica review. So, let’s talk about its suitability as an accessory for an outing. It is really a very interesting watch and looks very good especially for formal occasions. And that is because of its vintage appeal despite being made in 2005/2006. It also would make an excellent watch to hand down generations.

The crocodile leather strap adds another layer to the authentic 1950s feel of the watch. The strap is about 8 inches long and an inch wide which ends in a Tang clasp. This brings us to the end of my Panerai Radiomir Rattrapante Chronograph black dial replica review. Do check in next time for the best replica reviews.

Fake Panerai in Bermuda

Fake Panerai in Bermuda

Those who know Officine Panerai are only too familiar with the brand’s rich water-related history. This is the brand that equipped the Italian Navy in the mid-1900s with specially developed watches including the Luminor and Radiomir, and in recent years, this is the brand that not only sponsors sailing involvements, but also has launched its own Classic Yacht Challenge racing series with events around the world. In January 2017, Panerai is also the brand that is now the Official Watch of the 35th America’s Cup, as well as of Oracle Team USA and Softbank Team Japan.

End of February, as an official partner of the 35th America’s Cup competition – scheduled to take place in June in Bermuda – Officine Panerai joined in some opening festivities of certain facilities there, as well as in the unveiling of the all-new America’s Cup Class boat for Oracle Team USA. The new America’s Cup Class foiling wing-sailed catamaran is capable of speeds of more than 100 km/hour. With its magnificent foiling abilities, the boat rises out of the water and sails across the sea on air – marking a new era of yacht racing. The highly technical boat was designed by a team of 15 experts and built by a team of approximately 50 specialists. Oracle Team USA has a first-class crew, and is skippered by Jimmy Spithill.

“Essentially we are trying to fly a boat,” says Jimmy Spithill, skipper and helmsman of Oracle Team USA. “We have put a big effort into our control systems and our instrumentation.” In fact, Spithill has an aviation license, piloting both planes and helicopters. He says the experience helps with the foiling of the wingsail catamarans. According to Spithill, even a slight mistake can put you “behind an avalanche” and there are big consequences for mistakes, so it is important to always think ahead.

A great blend of high-tech

replica panerai luminor marina automatic
replica panerai luminor marina automatic

Additionally, of course, it is all about the manpower. According to Grant Simmer, COO of Oracle Team USA, the new America’s Cup Class boat is a great blend of high-tech and sports racing. “However, this is also about athleticism. Much like Formula 1 racing, it takes a lot of people to man the team. The crew is very involved in developing solutions, and is constantly working with the ground team on improvements and developing our strategy. We are big on internal communications and we continually define our priorities. If we think a change is needed, we evaluate what the change is versus the probability of success if we make that change. Sometimes it just comes down to finding solutions in the moment.” Simmer further noted that the team – the youngest crew that Oracle Team USA has ever had – is all about staying focused in these last 100 days until the race.

The first of a series of races begins in Bermuda on May 26 for the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers. Oracle Team USA, which won the last America’s Cup in 2013 (and the one before that in 2010), is defending its title. Now, five teams race to determine the ultimate challenger going up against Oracle Team USA. The 2017 races include the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers, followed by the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Challenger Playoffs, and culminating in the final America’s Cup Match presented by Louis Vuitton in June. In that final match, the first team to win seven races wins the coveted America’s Cup.

With the big role that Panerai is playing for the 35th America’s Cup, the brand naturally is unveiling some powerhouse panerai replica watches that celebrate the event, as well as the teams for which it is the Official Watch.

Replica Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 America’s Cup 3 Days Automatic Acciaio – 44mm

This is the Official Watch of the event. It features Panerai’s patented crown-protecting lever device and is water resistant to 300 meters. The words “America’s Cup” are printed in blue on the dial. The 44mm stainless steel watch has a black “sandwich” style dial and comes with a black leather strap with the America’s Cup logo embossed. Stitched with red and blue thread, the watch makes a nice American statement. It is powered by the in-house-made automatic caliber P. 9010 movement with three days of power reserve. The caseback is engraved with the America’s Cup logo. Just 300 are being made.

Replica Panerai Luminor 1950 Oracle Team USA 3 Days Chrono Flyback Automatic Ceramica – 44mm

replica panerai luminor 1950
replica panerai luminor 1950

Equipped with a flyback chronograph function, this watch is said to be Spithill’s favorite. The 44mm case is made of black ceramic with a titanium caseback engraved with the Oracle Team USA logo and the words “35th America’s Cup.” Water-resistant to 100 meters, it is powered by the caliber P.9100 with column-wheel chronograph. The flyback function is operated via the pusher at 8:00, and the watch features a tachymeter scale to measure speed in knots. Just 200 pieces will be made.

Replica Panerai Luminor 1950 Regatta Oracle Team USA 3 Days Chrono Flyback Automatic Titanio – 47mm

This timepiece embraces the true spirit of the America’s Cup races thanks to its regatta countdown function. Crafted in titanium, the 47mm watch uses the P.9100/R movement, which is the automatic flyback chronograph caliber with a module added for the countdown function. It also features Oracle Team USA’s logo and has an image of the boat engraved on it. Here, too, just 200 pieces are being built.

Replica Luminor Marina Oracle Team USA 8 Days Acciaio – 44mm

A somewhat more subdued model, this 44mm watch offers eight days of power reserve and is powered by the manually wound P. 5000 caliber. The stainless steel watch with patented crown protector is water-resistant to 300 meters. It is made in a limited edition of 200 pieces.

Replica Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 Softbank Team Japan 3 Days Automatic Acciaio – 44mm

panerai luminor marina 1950 replica
panerai luminor marina 1950 replica

As previously mentioned, Panerai also is the Official Watch for Softbank Team Japan. The watch that honors that team is a 44mm steel watch with the P.9010 movement and three days of power reserve. Its caseback features the Team Japan logo and an engraving of the team’s boat. Stitching on the black strap is red and white, recalling Japan’s flag. Just 150 pieces will be made.

Sale Imitation Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Bronzo Pam 671

Sale Imitation Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Bronzo Pam 671

Panerai releases yet another Bronzo. The Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Bronzo – 47mm (PAM00671), also known as the blue dial Bronzo. The practice of milking the cash cow is not any foreign, but is very likely to come at the dismay of early brand supporters, especially owners of the green dial Bronzos. The aaa replica watches uk is identical to its predecessors apart from the new dial color and perhaps a dwindling demand as compared to the first two iterations.

The Case

The watch is cased in bronze, a unique metal that is arguably popularized by Panerai just a few years back. The case measures 47 mm in diameter, a hefty size for most, and wears even larger with its iconic crown guard. Panerai‘s bronze concoction is an alloy of copper and pure tin, which is highly resistant to the corrosive action of sea water and atmospheric agents. Contrary to popular belief, Bronze is in fact a highly corrosion resistant material. The ‘taint’ or darkening layer that it gains over time is a result of oxidation. This layer actually protects the material, and prevents corrosion. This phenomenon occurs naturally and stalls rusting, unlike steel, which can rust till the entire material block disintegrates. This natural ‘taint’, a result of oxidation and aging, is commonly known to watch lovers as patina, when present on watch cases, gives the watch a vintage, rustic feel.

luminor submersible 1950 3 days automatic ceramica replica
luminor submersible 1950 3 days automatic ceramica replica

Contrastingly, the caseback and buckle are in titanium. Titanium was a deliberate choice for the parts where the watch touches the wearer’s skin, This could be meant to reduce the direct interaction of the skin and the case, which may have undesirable effects of the lingering metal ‘scent’ on the wrist, or possible skin irritations for some.

The Dial

The dial is fashioned the same as its predecessor, with a seconds subdial at 9 and a date display at 3. The hour markers and hands uses variants of the ultra bright superluminova, and delivers maximum visibility for the reader under low light conditions. While less rugged than the earlier green dial models, which alluded to military inflections, the blue dial is more demure and a blend in between pure ruggedness and luxury. That said, while the blue dial is attractive, it does not have the same character as the green dial bronzo; in fact this color change seems a whole lot more cosmetic.

imitation panerai pam 671
imitation panerai pam 671

The Movement

The Panerai PAM 671 uses a P.9010 caliber, a self-winding movement with central hour and minute hands and a small seconds at 9 o’clock. The in-house movement beats at 28,800 vph and has a 72 hour power reserve, with the source of its power from a double barrel assembly. The finishing of the movement is basic, fitting its price point. In the P.9010 calibre the hours can be conveniently adjusted without interfering with the movement of the minute hand, similar to the Rolex GMT master. The hour hands can be adjusted in jumps of one hour forward or backwards. This function is very useful when changing time zones or adjustments for daylight savings.

The panerai 1950 replica watch may appeal to those who missed the boat with the first two Bronzos, but will certainly sit disconcertingly with the owners of the earlier models, who paid high premiums in the secondary market for a piece of the limited edition(s). The PAM 671 is a limited edition of 1,000 units and it is priced at US$14,400.