Panerai Luminor Black Ceramic Replica Watch – Review

There’s nothing like a simple Panerai Luminor replica watch that can be easily passed for an original. Maybe a replica Panerai Radiomir watch can beat that but to be honest with you I like my Luminor fake watches better. They’re usually that simple and easily cloned right but every now and then you can get a different looking piece like this ceramic imitation case for example.

New Fake Panerai Luminor Watch

This is my first ceramic imitation Panerai Luminor fake watch and I have to say that the matte case looks amazing.

Panerai Luminor Ceramic Black Replica Watch

Panerai Luminor Ceramic Black Replica Watch

Great matte ceramic finish on a stainless steel coated case. Black dial is the simple Luminor Marina series with a small sweeping seconds hand at 9’oclock.

Panerai Luminor Replica Movement

Yes, the seconds hand sweeps nicely and it’s powered by a manually winded Japanese automatic movement that you can see through the open back case. Mid-size case and such a simple wear. Power reserve is around 24 hours so it will need daily winding if worn on a daily basis. It makes a good everyday wear if you’re more stylish and casual because that green double sided leather strap will require some matching.

Fake Panerai Marina Overview

I’m a huge fan of fake Panerai watches by now and I invite you to read some of my Panerai replica watches reviews because I’m sure you’ll get they idea of why I like them. This is a cool new piece and a fun and unique wear for sure. The quality is there no doubt about it and it’s so very easy to pass for an original because Panerai is the kind of brand where strap colors vary so much and lately the looks and materials used for the cases exploded as well so matching them and knowing precisely what’s original and what’s not is almost impossible.

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